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Visitor's/ Members Insurance


The Insurance commences 1st April 2009. It is mandatory, and the cost is included in the Green Fee. The Policy, Schedule and Claim Form are held in the Professional's shop.


The Visiting Golfers and Members Insurance Scheme were developed in conjunction with the English & Scottish Golf Unions.  Its aim is to provide additional protection to golf clubs by offering a facility to give all members and visiting golfers a personal liability insurance policy at minimal cost.  The policy is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc.

In recent years there has been growing concern that Golf Clubs are becoming increasingly exposed to legal action from its neighbours/visiting golfers through the actions of people playing golf.  Courts are taking a less sympathetic view with Clubs and, in addition, their responsibility for providing a safe environment is becoming more onerous. 

The Visiting Golfers and Members Insurance Scheme was specifically designed to minimise a Club's exposure to legal disputes by ensuring that all visitors to the Club and members had adequate insurance in the event of them causing injury or damage.   

Furthermore, as most claims or disputes arise from purely accidental damage (i.e. a wayward golf shot) to third party property, either in or surrounding the course, it is most unlikely that this type of incident would be covered under an individual's household insurance or a foreign visitor's travel insurance.  This Scheme allows for repairs to such property without negligence having to be established.

We believe it is totally impractical for a golf club to "police" whether or not a visiting golfer or member has adequate insurance cover.  By arranging an agreed level of cover for everyone, you have effectively solved this problem.

To arrange cover simply complete the attached Agreement or contact Nora Ferda or David Carrick at Carrick Neill, 49 Manor Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7EG, Tel: 0131 225 7777 for further information or advice.


Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc 

The following provides only a summary of the main policy benefits, terms and conditions.  For full details of these, you should read the policy document, a copy of which will be provided on completion of your contract or at any time on request.

Summary of Cover




Personal Liability Insurance

Insurers will pay up to £5million, plus costs and expenses, for accidental injury to another person or accidental damage to third party property if a visiting golfer is found to be legally responsible.

Any wilful or malicious acts.

Damage to your own property.

Damage caused directly or indirectly by mechanical or electrically propelled vehicles owned by or in the custody or control of You.

Accidental Damage to Third Party Property

(Good Neighbour Cover)

Insurers will pay up to £10,000 to make good any damage accidentally caused to third party property irrespective of legal liability.

Any wilful or malicious acts.

Damage to your own property.

Damage caused directly or indirectly by mechanical or electrically propelled vehicles owned by or in the custody or control of You.

Only occurring at the golf club named in the policy.

Personal Accident Benefit

Insurers will pay £10,000 to a visiting golfer in the event he/she suffers the loss of a limb, sight, death or becomes permanently and totally disabled following an accident.

Death or physical disability must occur within 24 months of the accident.

Resulting from any pre-existing medical condition.

Contingency Cover

A visiting team or individual golfer who is given courtesy of the course will be given cover under this insurance.

Any other insurance policy, in force, covering the same event.

NB There are no excesses under any section of this policy.



  • Protection given which is not normally available under a household or other liability policy.
  • Protects their financial well being in the event of them being sued.
  • Provides funds so they can come forward and admit they caused damage.
  • No administrative effort is required to obtain the cover.
  • Carrick Neill's staff are highly experienced in dealing quickly with claims of this nature.


  • Ensures funds are available to compensate members or other visitors if they successfully sue a visitor.
  • The likelihood of a visitor "confessing" to causing damage increases considerably because funds are available.
  • Your relationship with your neighbours is likely to improve, reducing the risk of legal action.
  • You know that all visitors have insurance and what the policy covers.
  • The claims experience under this scheme has no effect on your other insurances.