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Golf Club Repairs

Richard offers a high-quality club repair service. Whether you require a 'rattle' cured in your favourite driver, shortening or lengthening of clubs or simply need a new shaft/grip, he provides a fantastic service to get your club back in your bag. 

Club Repairs

Are offered on all types of clubs and include re-shafting and re-gripping. All repairs are carried out in a swift and professional manner. With over 20 years of experience, Richard is proud to be able to cater for most repairs. Yes, some of your clubs are loved and cherished, and others may have lived more colourful lives (close encounters with trees do happen!) but why not see if repair is possible?


A secure grip of the golf club is vital for shot accuracy. If you play at least two or three times a month, it is recommended you have your clubs re-gripped each year. Richard stocks a wide range of top-quality grips and it's often possible to re-grip while you wait. Grips can cost as little as £7 each.


A broken shaft - either accidentally or on purpose? Replacing old shafts? Performance upgrades? Richard can supply and fit shafts from all the main manufacturers. He might simply perform a straight replacement or, perhaps, recommend a new improved type of shaft that could lengthen your drives. If, for any reason, he is unable to re-shaft in the shop he will send it to the manufacturer who will turn the repair around in about seven days.


Contact the Pro Shop on 0115 9258958 or contact Richard on 07966 670140.
Alternatively, pop into the Pro Shop or email Richard at .