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Chilwell Manor Golf Club
Chilwell Manor Golf Club

Local Rules

 Chilwell Manor Golf Club

 Local Rules

Updated November 2021.


 1. Out of Bounds 

Beyond any fence, hedge or white marker posts on or bounding the course. On or over the concrete paths or in the flowerbeds around the clubhouse. 

On or beyond the path between the fences at the back of the 12th green. 

 2. Immovable Obstructions

Buildings on the course, artificial surfaces (including paths, path edges, honeycomb matting).

Practice bays, the practice nets and yardage marker discs.

Trees that are staked or have white plastic or painted bands.

Fixed sprinkler heads - player may take relief under Rule 16.1b if the sprinkler head is within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of the ball. 

Approach supports of bridges over penalty areas, if the ball is not within the penalty area. 

All traffic management equipment and directional posts. 

The building approaching 8th green including the concrete base supporting the water tower.

The flag pole, steps on teeing areas, shelters and irrigation equipment covers.

The brick wall at the side of the penalty area to the right of the 6th fairway.

Relief must be taken from areas marked GUR or with Blue Lines.


3. Ground Under Repair

Relief MUST be taken from areas marked G.U.R or marked with blue lines or stakes. Also any tractor marks, or where recent ground work has been carried out. 

4. Defining when and where players may practice

Practising on the competition course before a mixed competition is allowed at the discretion of the match committee. 

5. No Play Zones

When not in use, the winter teeing areas and the grass teeing areas.

The flower bed in front of the hut by the 11th Tee.

Relief must be taken from all No Play Zones under Rule 16.1f

6.Ball Lost or Out of Bounds: Stroke-and-Distance

Rule 18.2b- The option to drop a ball in the vicinity of where the original ball is lost or out of bounds except in a penalty area under a two-stroke penalty, is only permissable during casual play. 

7. Suspension of Play

A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by ONE PROLONGED NOTE of the airhorn (Klaxon). Play should be discontinued immediately and shelter sought. Resumption of play will be signalled by TWO SHORT NOTES on the airhorn


Fallen Leaves and Icing- during autumn and winter months, leaves and icing on fairways can build up underfoot and render both soft and hard spikes inoperative, especially worn down spikes.  To help prevent slips and falling accidents, players are advised to check and replace worn spikes in readiness for late season conditions.

Fog- due to the potential risk of hitting other golfers, players are advised to take extreme care in playing shots in foggy conditions and are further advised that they are solely responsible in such an event.

Thunderstorms- under the Rules of Golf players are expected to use their own judgement in these circumstances and may discontinue play if they believe there is danger from lightning.  Sheltering under trees can be extremely dangerous.

Priority should be given to players as follows:

On the 18th green over those on the 1st tee.

On the 15th green over those on the 11th tee.

On the 17th tee over those on the 16th green.

On the 17th green over those on the 9th tee. 

 Medical Emergencies - Ring the Clubhouse - 0115 9258958

The Club has trained First Aiders. 

A Defibrillator can be found on the outside of the Clubhouse adjacent to the Secretary's parking space. A 999 call will give the key code to access this

 9, Commonly Applied Winter Local Rules

These are notified in the Clubhouse and the Professional Shop when in operation - it is the Player's responsibility to ascertain the situation prior to playing.

a) Traffic Management Posts and Ropes (TMPRS) - if they are affecting a player's stance/swing, free relief may be taken at the nearest point of complete relief. The player is then allowed two-club lengths, no nearer the hole. Pick, clean and place. 

b) Walkways beside TMPRS are GUR.

c) Preferred Lies are in operation on fairways and closely mown areas

d) Mats are optional on the fairway. 

e) Blue staked/marked areas on the golf course- Free relief may be taken from the nearest point of complete relief where you and your playing partner's believe the ball came to rest. The ball does not have to be found. Within one-club length, no nearer the hole, pick, clean and drop. 


-Dress Rules: All members, guests and visitors are asked to comply with the Club's Dress Rules, details of which are posted in the Clubhouse, Web Site and Professional Shop.

-Dogs: are not permitted in the Clubhouse (except Assistance Dogs).


10. Etiquette

 All members, guests and visitors are asked to observe the following:

a)- In the interests of all, players should play without delay.  In order to avoid Slow Play players should:

b)- Be on the tee and ready to play at least 10 minutes before their tee time. 

c)- Mark cards on the next tee, not on the green

d)- Be aware of the game in front, as well as the match behind. In the event of losing a full hole to the game in front players must invite the match behind to pass through

e)- Be aware that internal club knockout matches should be let through if they are being held up

f)-  Be ready to play when it is their turn (Ready Golf) 

g)- Play a provisional ball if in any doubt about finding their shot

h)- Player's should play their shot first, before looking for playing partner's ball. 

i)- Before leaving a bunker please rake it

j)- Players must replace divots and repair pitch marks

k)- Players must leave the green immediately on completion of the hole

l)- Golf bags on trolleys must not be placed on the tees or on putting greens