Chilwell Manor Golf Club
Chilwell Manor Golf Club
Chilwell Manor Golf Club

Dress Code and Playing Etiquette

We warmly welcome visitors to the club and expect that:

  • Visitors always wear proper golf clothing and shoes when on the course - please see images below.
  • Golf shorts should be tailored and smart. 
  • Shoes should be worn with appropriate ankle or knee length socks.
  • Denim jeans, trainers, leggings and T-shirts bearing a logo are not permitted on the course. 
  • Jeans and trainers are allowed in the Clubhouse but must be clean and not torn.  
  • Shirts with collar, Polo T shirt, or sports turtleneck must be worn, preferably tucked into trousers.  
  • Caps or hats are not allowed to be worn in the Club House.  
  • Hats/Caps/Visors worn on the course must be worn in the traditional way - peak at the front. 

  Regretably, the sharing of clubs is not allowed.

Etiquette when playing:

  • Please avoid slow play and INVITE following players to 'play through' if you drop a full hole behind.
  • Replace and tread-down any divots you may take.
  • Repair pitch marks on the green.
  • Balls hit out of bounds to surrounding property must be reported to the Pro-shop ASAP.
  • After playing from a bunker, replace the rake with tines in the bunker and handle pointing away from the green. During COVID-19 restrictions, please smooth the sand with the back of a club.
  • Replace the the flagstick before leaving the green. During COVID-19 restrictions, please do not remove or even touch the flagstick.
  • Trollies and buggies must not be left in front of the green.

By following these guidelines, play becomes more enjoyable for everyone. Also, remember to use sunscreen that gives protection against UVA and UVB.

 July 2020