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Flexible Membership Scheme

Become a member of Chilwell Manor Golf Club - and enjoy our fabulous course - for only £450 as part of our Flexible Membership Scheme.

Ideal if you love golf, but haven't the opportunity to play regularly, or justify the cost of full golf membership. 

As a Flexible Member, you'll be able to play golf when you like (except when competitions are taking place) , be able to use all our practice and clubhouse facilities  - and get an official WHS handicap.  You'll also be able to take part in club matches and social competitions provided you have an official handicap.   You can also invite your friends to play as your guests at reduced green fee rates.  What's more you will qualify for a "Gold Card" entitling you to 20% discount off cold drinks in the clubhouse. 

So what's the catch?   There isn't one really - although being a Flexible Member means that you won't be able to play in club competitions.  As such, if playing in competitions is important to you (or you intend to play more than a couple of times a month), then one of Full Membership deals is probably the better option for you. 

So how does the Flexible Membership Scheme work?

Our Flexible Membership Scheme works on a points basis .  Each time you play, points are deducted from your account based on the day and time of day you play - in accordance with the table below.  Your Flexible Membership Fee of £450 currently buys you 225 points, which you can top up as many times as you want (subject to a minimum top-up of 50 points equating to £100).  It's very important to note that you must book any round before you play on the club's BRS golf system . 

Any guests who play with you will be charged at the members' guest green fee rates applicable at the time/day.  Payment of guest green fees must be  paid before play commences. 

How do I join? 

All you need you to do is complete our on-line application form or ring the club office on 0115 925 8958.   Once you have done so, Tracy or Alison in the Club Office will sort out the rest with you. 

What Flexible Membership doesn't include 

As mentioned above, Flexible Membership does not allow you to play in club competitions.  In addition, it means that you can't vote at club meetings and you don't have any form of beneficial ownership in the club

Flexible Membership Terms and Conditions 

The Terms and Conditions for the Flexible Membership scheme can be viewed by clicking this link.  One of the most important ones - as referred to above - is that you must book your round before you play on the club's BRS system.