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Flexible Membership Scheme - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.   Flexible Membership is not available to current CMGC members, or people who have been a member of CMGC within last 2 membership years.
Top-up of points possible at any time of year (minimum top-up £100)
3.   No carry forward of points to future membership years 
4.   A part-round (e.g. 10 hole) rate is not currently available but Flexible Members who play 10 holes will be refunded points on the following basis provided they advise Professional Staff at conclusion of their round.   A refund of 2 points where full round points tariff is 5, 6 or 7 points: refund of 3 points where full round tariff is 8, 9 or 10 points:  refund of 4 points where full round tariff is 12 points: refund of 5 points where full round tariff is 15 points.   Refunds will normally be credited to Flexible Members accounts a week or so after each month end. 
5.   Payment of fees needs to be made in full before any points will be allocated
6.   All Flexible Members must pre-book through BRS.  Failure to pre-book any round may result in withdrawal of membership
7.   Flexible Members can upgrade to full membership categories at any time.  Any upgrades will be on a pro rata basis and take into account any Flexible Membership payments made
8.   Cessation of membership will result in the forfeit of all outstanding points
9.   There is no limit to length of time anyone can be a Flexible Member
10. The number of Flexible Members at any one time will be limited to 40
11. The rules of this scheme will be administered by the Captain's Committee and their decision is final